Saturday, October 24, 2009

Me being 23...

I always started my post with 'it has been so long since the last post' and I had to do that again this time, my apology. My current life now is way out of my imagination.

When i stepped into 23 years old last few days, the first thing i did early in the morning was looking at my own reflection in the mirror. I am now a total different girl than the 22-year-old me. The first HUGE difference i noticed was that i am now no longer wear a student title, i am now a CAREER woman!

I am blessed with a very good job, i can say. Though it was not my dream job, it is something i am proud to be. A few friends told me i am lucky to be in my current job which i agreed so much, but nothing comes perfectly fine in life. Greater power gives you greater responsibility. Work comes with stress, of course. And abundant factors can contribute to this stress. Not that i am complaining, it is just the true face of working life. It is all about how you conquer a situation and not questioning why you are in such circumstances.

I love the image of myself right now and i will do my best to make people that i love proud.

To all whom wished me, thanx a lot. It was the thought that counts.

Lots of luv,