Monday, February 22, 2010

One step forward...

One step forward

I've been dreaming of happy ending;
In a life of endless bliss,
Where i find everything sweet;
In each perfect moment we live.

After counting nights & days;
Now its right before my eyes,
Just waiting for myself to embrace;
With open hands, mind and heart.

As I make a step forward;
My knees become weak, my hands tremble,
I start to shiver, I fold my arms tight.
Something is rushing in my blood.
This is new, it is bright,
Like a magnet, it's pulling me fast.

Being so close keeps me alive;
No clue if this is still a dream,
Never dare to wake up,
So afraid of dying,
Cant afford to lose.

I know this is true,
Its something i cant deny.
Just in need of a little faith to be strong;
A little assurance to carry on,
And a firm hand to hold if i stumble or fall.

Lots of luv,