Friday, May 27, 2011

I like Nippon Paint because it can turn dully weary into jolly rainbow!

Remember those cute Blobbies from Nippon Paint tv commercial? Recalled a chubby blue elephant spraying paint all over the building?

Well,  this advertisment is the stepping stone on how i become a huge fan of Nippon Paint! Everytime this ads is on the screen, my eyes will automatically hooked at it, amazed by the wonderful colours and joyous feeling brought by those adorable Blobbies. Totally feel like riding on a rainbow bridge!

Don't make me start with the varieties of their colour palettes, you'll definitely fall head over heels over Nippon Paint. From odour-less to spot-less, Nippon Paint got it all~

Even you are in your own tiny room, with Nippon Paint colours, you will feel like living in a Palace!

I have done my part. Blobbies, it is your turn to make it happen with Nippon Paint!

To turn a dull place into an exuberant room , do catch their Blobbies here:

Lots of luv, 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 4: Seoul (Nami Island)

This was the day I waited for so long.. Travel to Nami Island!!!

Nami Island is very popular after the shooting of Winter Sonata. I was so excited though I did not watch the whole full series, but I know for sure that this place is going to be beautiful (learning from the pictures I’ve seen in the internet.

We departed by bus at Tapgol Park around 0930hrs. We were the last 3 people to board the bus (the bus was actually waiting for us! Hehhe..) The journey to Nami Island took around 1 hour 30 minutes, so we dozed off along the way~ Price for the tour bus roundtrip is W 15,000.

Once we arrived at the jetty, we gave our entry visa to the immigration officer (price for visa W 8,000). Nami Island is a republic by itself (kinda funny to me since it is just a tiny island). We travelled across by a nice, clean boat. It only took 10 minutes to reach Nami Island. Once arrived, we took out a map, and walk around the island. 

Walkway around Nami Island

Bumped into numerous chipmunks & squirrels

A famous general tomb

Sorry, no leaves yet. It was just after winter.

Found an amazing tree to lie down~

A cute dustbin with a bear head carved as the opening~

Winter Sonata’s First Kiss

On Lover’s Bridge

Nami Island is all about love~

See, simple but pretty~

Saranghae.. Mr Pinocchio!

Our lunch for the day

 Plain rice with sunny side egg and kimchi underneath. There is a way to eat this: Put on the gloves, shake the tin box, then only open it. You can see a well-mixed kimchi-rice :)

Found Malaysian ads in Nami. Proud to be Malaysian!

Back from Nami Island, we went to Itaewon  for our kebab moment. Next, we went to collect our luggage left at Friend’s House and travel straight to NAMU guest house by cab. The rate was W 27,000per person per night.

NAMU GUESTHOUSE rating (out of 5): 
1) Bed – 4/5 (Room and bed was very clean, but without heater like previous houses!)
2) Toilet – 4.5/5 (It was clean and spacey enough. Water heater ran well J )
3) Service - 5/5 (The 2 managers named Jina and HJ were very friendly. They speak English really well. They were resourceful too!)
4) Overall rating – 4.5/5

Tired from Nami Island tour, we dozed off dreaming of our own Winter Sonata~ ;)

Tips for day 4:
1)      Be punctual if you are following any tour. It is embarrassing enough to be the last person boarding the bus.
2)      Booked for the tour online, or through your guesthouse. It was easier.
3)      Do not start thinking of buying one-way ticket to Nami Island. Just buy the return ticket for tour bus. Though the tour said to be half-day (which sounds too long), you will definitely ran out of time when you start taking pictures of every inches of Nami Island.
4)      If you are moving to another guesthouse/hotel within the trip, just stop the cab anywhere at the roadside and show them the address. Don’t try to be a cheapskate here. The cab driver will definitely send you straight to the doorstep (or at the end of the right alley). You will save your energy and time, for sure!

Lots of luv,