Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back to Nature.. Taman Negara~

Last 2 weekends, my family (mom, dad & bobo) and I went to a place I love most... NATURE. I always put my hands up if i were being ask to join any back-to-nature activities. The main purpose for us going there was to survey the place for my dad's side family outing which was planned somewhere this year.

It was a 3 days 2 nights nice vacation.. We went for rapid-shooting & night jungle walk as soon as we arrived at Taman Negara, Jungle trekking/canopy walk, picnic & night river safari on the second day and fishing on the last day there. Let me explain each activity as we browse through the pictures below, shall we?

A very nice place to stay.. (Note: though its a motel, the room is more like a mini-chalet to me)

We went for rapid-shooting (we actually went to the rapids by boat, against the current and we all end up wet because of the strong waves pushing huge amount of water into the boat!) I did not take any photos while having fun for this activity. Hey, I'm trying to save my new baby camera from all the wetness here~~Result: we went back shivering....
After having our dinner at the motel, we went for Night Jungle Walk in Taman Negara. That night was meant to see some insects and deers that only appears at night. Unfortunately, we only managed to see some insects as all deers were probably afraid to come out due to full moon.. too bright for them~ :p Result: Able to snap a few shots of black scorpion and newborn caterpillar..

The next morning, we went for jungle trekking across Taman Negara... We trekked uphill until we reached....
The Canopy Walk! It was worth our sweats to finally reach here.. Note: we had to reach here early (at least by 9am) since they only allow a few people on the canopy at one time, which means we had to take turns and queue~ Result: managed to capture moments on how mommy's deal with her fear of height
In the evening, we went for some chilling experience in Lata Berkoh. The place was so captivating, the water was crystal clear and it was freezing cold! There was also a kelah (a type of nearly extinct fish, very delicious in taste!) sanctuary nearby. We spent a few hours there before the sunset. Result: my heels hurt caused by the slippery rocks. But it was worth it!

At the same adventure night, we travelled by boat through rivers surrounding Taman Negara for an activity called Night River Safari. Result: we managed to capture a few forest deers that only came out at night to graze some grass.. It was nice to ride on a boat in the middle of the night when the breeze was so soothing, but as you touch the water, it was warm..
On the final day, we went for fishing, but unfortunately, we did not get any fish after hours waiting for it under the scorching sun until my skin burnt :( ...So we went to survey the camping site we gonna use for our plan later this year. It was a very convenient place; not so hot, not so cold, no mosquitoes around too! Result: From daddy's expression, i think the plan later is definitely ON. I bet he even thought of the menu for barbeque for his plan.

From the Environment People~

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