Monday, February 27, 2012


No picture this time..

Will be out of office until Thursday.. Gonna have my luxurious working hours in top-notch hotels around Kuala Lumpur..

P/S for relevant people: Good Luck & Have Fun walking down the stairs!! Tee-hee~

Lots of luv,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Girls..

Some updates of my 2 lovely nieces...

Hasya @ 3 months old.. fluffy!

Hannah the noisy but cheeky girl!

Lots of luv,

Friday, February 17, 2012

USS, small yet fun!

Been keeping these pictures for quite some time.. Let see how was my trip to Universal Studio Singapore..

Once you reached the entrance area of USS, the 'UNIVERSE' is now just behind you!

Once i got in, i realized when i get older, i want to be as pretty as Julie Andrew..

I wish i can have a carousel in my garden..

Went for vacation on board Enchanted Airways to mystical Faraway Land

Have a pit stop at New York..

And say hi when I met a Transformer on my way...

And finally.. TADAAAAAA!!! Its Far Far Away Land!

Shrek & Fiona asked us to be their friends and invited us to their swamp~ Ugh!

But the best part among all, I have PO as my tour guide and got a chance to dance with him!

Thank you PO, for the warm welcome. Bear Hugsssssss!!!

USS is all about magics, dreams & future.. Would love to be there again if someone bought me the tickets (both entry & flight!). Oh, did i mentioned went here on free ticket too? :P

Lots of luv,

Monday, February 6, 2012

Honey & Lemon

When the lemon is young,
It tastes soury on the tounge,
But the sweetness from the honey,
Turns the zest to candy.

But honey takes hardwork,
Trust, understanding and teamwork,
From those kind, little bees we harvest,
To make a wonderful drink to quench the thirst.

Just like honey lemon juice for dinner,
We'll live in the future accompanying each other,
Through sweet and sour of life ahead,
We hold our hands, together without fail.