Monday, December 7, 2009

Towards the end of the year..

Just a short post before i go to sleep..

I only realize now that i am creating the 40th post while my dear friend; Crystal, who started out her blog a bit later than mine has more than 100 posts now.. *very embarrassing*

I do love sharing stories with anybody who read my blog. For people who knew me well, you know how talkative i can be. I guess it suits my 'rainbow' personality (a term given by one of my colleague). It is just that lately, i've been facing a lot of restrictions to post one. I found myself making tons of excuses to not visiting my own blog. Sorry dear blog! Will make up to you later.

My schedule was not that tight, i suppose. Wake up early morning, go to work, have breakfast with the breakfast club (previously there were 3 of us, but Miss Mekya can't make it right now with her current boss.. hehe), continue with work, have lunch with friends, continue with work again, go back at 5.30, reach home at 6, play,play,play, rest and sleep before midnight.This routine rotates over & over again until TGIF.

As for weekend, it has been filled with fun stuff and hopefully applies to all other weekends ahead. Hanging out with family & friends is a stress-reliever. Too bad all my younger brothers are all grown up, now nobody wants to follow me shopping! In the end i went alone to the mall~ (sounds pitiful, but at least nobody has to wait for me while choosing & trying the clothes thousands of time!)

There will be more holidays towards the end of the year and i wish i can enjoy more stuff before 2009 ends. I am currently trying to fill in my calender with series of events. We never know what next year will come for us~

Til' next post~

Lots of luv,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taste of Freshness

Taste of freshness

In the midst of something new;
Laden with mixed feelings,
Impressed, amused, terrified;
Keep on somersaulting;
Each time I sense the taste of freshness,
in every single things ahead.

Still saving the real golds of me;
Deep in my treasure chest,
Even it is worthless for sure;
I'm waiting for the right moment, the right key,
To release, to set them free.

Though I'm scared,
Cuz I know I might get hurt,
I'm willing to move forward,
To discover and embrace,
A life full of ambiguities;
Till the highest point of greatness.

Living myself to the fullest,
For self-satisfaction;
For those with hopes in me.

Lots of luv,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Me being 23...

I always started my post with 'it has been so long since the last post' and I had to do that again this time, my apology. My current life now is way out of my imagination.

When i stepped into 23 years old last few days, the first thing i did early in the morning was looking at my own reflection in the mirror. I am now a total different girl than the 22-year-old me. The first HUGE difference i noticed was that i am now no longer wear a student title, i am now a CAREER woman!

I am blessed with a very good job, i can say. Though it was not my dream job, it is something i am proud to be. A few friends told me i am lucky to be in my current job which i agreed so much, but nothing comes perfectly fine in life. Greater power gives you greater responsibility. Work comes with stress, of course. And abundant factors can contribute to this stress. Not that i am complaining, it is just the true face of working life. It is all about how you conquer a situation and not questioning why you are in such circumstances.

I love the image of myself right now and i will do my best to make people that i love proud.

To all whom wished me, thanx a lot. It was the thought that counts.

Lots of luv,

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Convo 2009

It takes exactly a month for me to realize that i haven't post anything about my convo; which was supposed to be one of the best moment in my life. Who doesn't love their convo? Maybe a few, but all graduates should be able to find at least a piece of good memory to carry along for the rest of his/her life.

Lets see how i enjoyed my graduation day..

My family..

This was unplanned

Fight! That's what siblings do~

With my Sanggar Kirana

With mela... thanx 4 everything dear~

My chemy girls.. (my mortar board has flown away due to strong wind)

Last but not least, with Crystal..

Lesson learnt: Family is Everything!
Lots of luv,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My sis' wedding: Final Part (Garden Wedding)

Finally!!! We are now reaching towards the end of my sis' wedding's post. This reception was the most awaited part among other receptions. Not that others were not interesting, it was just because we finally managed to visualize the bride's dream of having a wedding at the garden.

It wasn't an easy job to organize this reception. It took more than just energy and phone credits. Me & Boy (my brother) were the spines of this reception & trust me, it almost drove us crazy!

But above all, our beloved sister's happiness is the most valuable thing which cannot be exchanged with any hard works we did. Therefore, we were satisfied just by seeing our sister's dream conjured into reality.

And here i am, posting a number of success moments during the reception which was accomplished with the utmost love to our big sis that i think everybody should see...

The scenery before dusk

Preparation at Traders

Getting onto their ride

Still busy on their way...

The entrance

Their arrival

On their dais

Dining at main table

Cake- cutting ceremony

Photography session

A token of appreciation

After this, i will start posting on all events that revolved around me but still waiting in the line to get into this blog. Poems?? Maybe later...

(p/s: Told ya'll before, it doesn't take weeks to post this! )

Lots of luv,

Monday, August 31, 2009

My sis' wedding: Part 5 (Majlis Bertandang)

Thanx to my sis, my blog now become dustier than ever! It took so long to get pictures from these newly-weds. Not that they are on honeymoon... *sigh*

Nyway, lets move on to the next stage of the wedding; majlis bertandang (Groom's side). This reception was held at Galeri Shah Alam. Though it was quite hot that day, the view was very scenic. Luckily, late in the afternoon, it got a bit windy and all our sweats were dried off.

Arrival of us..

Walking beneath the scorching sun

Towards their dais

In sweet lavender we sit

The best part: Lunch!
(W'pun duduk kt meja pengantin for makan beradab, we all makan x igt dunia!)

Picture time.. (Siblings without azri. Sorry ngau!)

Me & my cousins loveeee camera!

The dining area

At the end of the day...

P/s: Final wedding part is coming up! ( I promise it wont take weeks to post it.. LOL)

Lots of luv,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My sis' wedding: Part 4 (Majlis Bersanding)

I just realize that most of my posts recently contained more pictures than words. Is that a sign for me to get myself a camera? Should I put it at the top of my wish-list? Not that i am good with camera. Posing? Much better. You can see yourself~ LOL.

Enough. Let's get back on track. I am sharing with you guys the photos from the reception held at my home sweet home.. To all who came, thank you so much. I am sorry for not being able to entertain you guys much @ not being a good host.

During cake-cutting ceremony

Our family...

With groom's family

Some poses @ daddy's wakaf ( x payah pegi garden.. haha)

When the cuzzies gone crazy!

Along & one of her best friends..
(Purposely chose this picture because the baby is SO ADORABLE!)

A quick shot with Nono & Mela (cdt to Paan)

Thank once again to Mela, Nono, T-ah, Bib, Shak, Paan, Ja'a, Sepul, Ain & her fren (sorry, lupe name), Lan, Awerz, Mokchique, Hafiz, Crystal & Chris for coming... I hope i didn't miss any other names~~

Looks like i am posting more than the bride herself...Doesn't matter~ I want to share our family's big days with everybody!!!

Lots of luv,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My sis' wedding: Part 3 (Majlis Akad Nikah)

It has been a while since part 2. Let's resume the story.

At 3 pm sharp on 18th of July 2009, my sister; Puteri Nur Esteena is officially a wife to Mr Haritzal. In the most serene ceremony, i could see the joy & happiness in each of my family members' eyes. After so much that we've gone through, it was the moment that we deserved to enjoy & celebrate~

nervously waiting bride...

the view in front of the dais

The moment....

let the rings be the witness~

Hantaran (Purple from the groom, Pink from the bride)

Our 1st new family picture..

With the same bouquet~

Wishing u both a great life ahead & hope u live happily ever after~

Lots of luv,