Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2009 - PENANG (Day 3)

29th December 2009
Our final day of vacation finally arrived. Early that morning, we packed our stuff and cramped them in the car. We had our breakfast at the nearby restaurant after checking out and drove straight to the bridge.
When we were back at the mainland, we headed straight to Pulau Aman Jetty (Exit at Batu Kawan). The road was confusing but luckily, we didn't get lost. We arrived at the jetty when the sun was 90 degrees above us. After waiting for about 20 minutes, our boat arrived and ready to take us to the island.
Jetty to Pulau Aman

Chillin' out on the boat
Want to know why we went through all the hurdles to get to Pulau Aman? Let's see...

Pulau Aman's specialty.. Prawn Mee & Prawn Fried Rice. YUMMY! There are bigger prawns not shown in this picture, trust me!
The scenery of the restaurant.. Cool!
(Name: Restoran Terapung Pulau Aman)
The most refreshing drinks for the afternoon's thirst... Coconut!!!!

It was worth it, right?? After all of us got our stomach full, we went back to the jetty, took the boat, and went off to the mainland. From there, we went straight back to KL (we did stop twice at the R&R) and reached home around 9pm~
It was a really nice vacation for me & my family.. Can't wait for the next cuti-cuti in 2010!

Lots of luv,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Penang (Day 2)

Lets continue with my travelling story...

On our 2nd day in Penang, we all woke up early to get ready for the journey of the day which is going to be sooo long. We dressed up into our most comfortable clothes and headed out straight away for breakfast. We just had a short breakfast at a mamak shop just nearby our hotel...

good to go!
After enjoying some toasts and cups of tea, we travel to our first destination, Prangin Mall. Actually, it wasn't our actual destination. We just went there to park our car and decided to walk around the town.

We strolled down Penang Road and stopped at a small hat shop just nearby the bridge. Daddy managed to get his hand on a nice cap (the one golfers usually wear). Next, we passed by some pickles shop and manage to get ourselves a few bags of different types of pickles ranging from 500g to 1 kg each. As we moved on further, we found this famous nasi kandar stall called 'Line Clear'. I wonder why it was named as it is though there always a long line queuing especially during peak hours.

When all of us were done with our lunch, we headed out of the stall and find ourselves a beautifully-decorated trishaw. Andak was so thrilled looking at it and insisted on riding on it. Since there were 6 of us, me and boy decided to walk in order to let the others got the feeling of riding a trishaw. We already been on it a few times, so we didnt mind.
Me and boy have some fun walking down the street at the same time taking some pictures of Penang Road (it was a good thing we didnt get on the trishaw). Be bought some chestnuts to kibble along the way as well as a hat for myself since it was burning hot being exposed under the afternoon heat.

Our next journey brought us to Batu Feringghi. As we arrived in front of Tropical Spice Garden, we were welcomed by the sound of the waves crashing the beach together with the calming breeze. It was one exhilarating moment of the day. After paying the entry tickets, we saunter into the garden excitedly. The view of the garden was stunning! I couldn't help myself from taking a huge amount of pictures! Daddy unofficially became our tour guide since he knew almost each and every type of plants in the garden. Thanks, daddy!

From all these pictures, you can judge yourself how cool is this place!

From Tropical Spice Garden, we drove off to a new Hard Rock Hotel which was located at Batu Feringghi beach. It was the coolest place in town! We had our hi-tea at Hard Rock Cafe (which was fabulous!) and shop a few souviners for ourselves at the Hard Rock Shop. It was my first time there and i will go there again!

We went back to Georgetown before sunset. We had our dinner at Gurney Plaza again since all of us were already exhausted by night time. We ended our day dozing of to wonderland..

To be continue...

The longest post i've ever written,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2009 - PENANG (Day 1)

I know we are all now in 2010.. But i still wanna share some memories of how i spent my few days of 2009 with my family.. i'll break up the stories in different posts by day.. Enjoy!

27 DEC 2009 (Day 1)

We departed from home around 8am in the morning... Boy drove all the way to Penang. We had a few stops; at Rawang (breakfast) & Sg Perak (lunch).

The mamai boy..

The always cheerful ones~
We reached Penang around 2pm. (My brother drove so fast! U do the math~)We went straight to Georgetown, got lost a bit along the way, then arrived at our place-to-stay, Berjaya Georgetown. As usual, after checking-in, we sent our parents to the room and went for a tour around the hotel for a little camwhoring!

Towards Penang Bridge

View of Berjaya Hotel's poolside

We even posed at the gym!

After a little rest in the evening, we went for a ride to New World Park. When we found out there was nothing entertaining, we went back to the hotel, park the car and went for a walk to Gurney Drive. We had a very nice dinner in a really cool atmosphere..

Our journey to Gurney drive

My fav dinner: Lai Chee Kang & Laksa!

Our trip for the day didn't stop yet. We went to Gurney Plaza; which was just close by, bought a few movie tickets and went for midnight movie!!! It was like a-must-thing-to-do when we planned for a vacation in Penang. We sent mommy & daddy for a-little-time-together-alone watching the Storm Warriors while we went to watch the Chipettes (Alvin & the Chipmunks). Review for Alvin: TWO THUMBS UP! As soon as the movies ended, we walked straight to the hotel with each of us holding an ice-cream bought at McD.

To be continue...

Lots of luv,