Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Crashed into pieces
shattered all over
it is too hard to pick
bit by bit
to make it whole again

it was too painful to bare
too hurt to face
too sad to look at
too gloom to embrace

Letting go
doesnt promise the best answer
since the essential of living
is the way of solving
the mount-high questions

how hard thou try
how much courage thy put in
how these change thee

Things r all in front of the eyes
but too unsure if im meant to be the lord
not even sure to whom they belong to
no tags, no signs
to take or return to

Memories are wonderful
if thy dont have to deal with the past
suffers created scars
too long to heal
takes time to renew
to turn a new leaf

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My heart is crying~

My heart is crying...

My heart is crying..
I just dont know what else to do
I feel like suffocating
In this gifted life..

Hearts are mend to be broken
If i broke others
i need to mend them
If i'm broken,
none can mend..

Life can be so blessed
It can be cruel too
Life has everything inside
But does everything means anything to you?

If life has been so easy
Then life wont be life
Life is left to be difficult
For human to create their own paths

Where do I stand right now?
How high have I flew?
How well do I behave?
How i'm being judged?

So many questions
playing in my mind
I know I should not cry
Though it really hurts inside

In the end
I can only hear
My heart is crying...

Monday, January 19, 2009



A night alone
Makes me keep thinking
Which one should i choose?
Which path should i follow?
What should i do?

They are like part of me
One's like my right hand, one's like the left
One's like my right leg, one's like the other side
Losing one of them is such a waste

I'm the kind of girl
Whom rather wait than move

Though it will take forever
That's how it's gonna be

Those clinging on my hands and legs
Might one day change places
One might go up
One might go down
And their place might be replaced

Whatever happens
I'll wait for the day
Once decided
With heart and soul
A whole new life will be written

Monday, January 12, 2009



I wish for something really close, but it seems far away.
I wish for something I always see, but it seems blindfolded.
I wish for something glittering,but it seems lost of shine.

But, a wish is just a wish.
I may or may not have it in my hand.
No clear or true answer.
When, where or how, and even will the wish be with me.

Going to another chapter of life, makes me wish of things i never thought.
Sometimes, I feel selfish for wanting too much.
Or, should I forget about all the wishes i had in mind.
Should just wake up in the morning,put all my energy to the day, to grant the wish myself.

Children wish on their birthday cakes,
couples wish upon the stars,
adults wish in their prayer.
Though many ways of them, believe is necessities.

I am just a girl...

I'm just a girl.....Image

I am a rose; Living among the bushes,

The sharp thorns on me; Keep me away from others.

I am a dove; Soaring above the sky,

The strong wings of me; Bring me high.

I am a pearl; Shining in the ocean,

The hard shell surrounds me; Gives me protection.

Though i'm the rose, the dove or the pearl; I still crave for more,

Cuz i'm just a girl; Needs love so pure.... Image