Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Before, Now & Hopes for after..

Only 3 days left until we say 'Goodbye 2010, Hello to 2011'. How much i've learned, how many experiences i've gained in 2010 are uncountable. The principal is the most valuable takeaways that i’m going to bring along to 2011 and the years after.
When I take a glance at the reflection of myself in the mirror, for a split second I forgot about myself in 2009. Amazed by how far I’ve gone through, I never imagined my life will change me this much, in a good manner. Once in a while, I did feel like I woke up at the wrong side of the bed, but after thorough evaluation, I actually learnt something from it.
There have been events in 2010 that make me feel like on cloud nine, a few which really cause some stir and several sad states of affairs. Somehow, I never feel sorry for walking this trail, I never regretted any choices that I’ve made and I never once wish I have a restart button though I made abundant of mistakes.
I am so grateful to have my loved ones whom always there when I needed, always offer their shoulder to cry upon, and in no way judging me for who I am. I am so thankful to have my friends to light up my day and make each day wonderful. I am so relieved that I’ve been blessed with everything that colours each step of my journey. I hope next year and the future onwards will be filled with full of the joys of the spring.
Opening the door of 2011, I’ll grab along LIFE IS UNEXPECTED & TOO BEAUTIFUL TO BE MISSED'

(P/S: Surprise myself with a serious entry.. J)

Lots of Luv,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Its coming to an end

It's now going towards the end of the year but i only have like 8 entries for 2010! What???
?? It's not that i'm too lazy i don't hv stuff to blog about, i'm jz trying to find time to update this baby.. (now, im trying to make excuses when i can update my fb everyday~ what a shame.. sob sob)

Lets list down some important stuff happening since my last update (which is in August.. shame again) that i missed from including them as entries for my blog:

1) My trip around M'sia (KK, Melaka, T'ganu, Bukit Tinggi, Lumut, Penang etc..)
2) Friends Wedding (too many to be listed down here - takut kalo x list sume nnti ade yg kecik ati)
3) Babies updates (Eryna & newly born Uzz)
4) My OWN Birthday (this is consider TOO MUCH! huuuuuuuuu)

And other happy & sad stories i wish to share..

I do love 2010 so i will still update all some of these stories even though i'm back to square one..

Latest picture of baby Eryna.. will update soon about this cheeky girl!

Lots of luv,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Have a little faith...

It's as hard as a stone,
It's as cold as the snow,
It stays deep inside, locked.

At present,
It's crushing,
It's burning,
It becomes restless,
It turns a soul upside-down.

It turns a frown into a smile,
It makes the eyes well-up with tears,
It leads a mind to decide the best,
But the most important thing it does,
Is to help a life feels;
Everything without a single miss.

It already melts,
It has been given away,
But will it be taken care forever?

It's a rare and fragile gift;
Also bound to get bruised.
But it's time to be brave, be strong
The road has been taken,
Have a little faith....

Lots of luv,

Friday, August 20, 2010

I present to you....

Dear blog,

I'm sorry i left you for a few months. It was not because i totally forgot about you..Wonder why i've been abandoning you for so long??

I hereby present to all of you my beloved newborn niece; PUTERI HANNAH ERYNA BINTI HARITZAL!!!

in the first few days... she was a very tiny little girl with weight of 2.2 kgs and length of 44cm

in her 1st month... she did cry a lot, but looking at this innocent face melts my heart away~

During her 2nd month... she loves camera! Trust me, it is very easy to capture her at any moments!

And in her 3rd month with Joy!

She is now 4 months old weighing more than 6 kgs. My bam bam (her name i used to call her because of her plump cheeks!) has grown so much, right?
Now, i do have a solid reason to leave you for a while, didn't i? But no worries my dear blog, you will still have something to show off once in a while~

Lots of luv,

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to fill your abundant free time at home~

Last year, when i spent most of my times at home, i bought myself a few stuff to kill my super duper empty time.

1) Pinball machine

A very interesting machine. I got it at almost 80% less than its normal price.
2) Dominos
There are tons of ways to play dominos, but we play this using our own rules!

The one i like most, CLUEDO Board Game! It is basically a game of a search of the murderer along with his weapon and place he killed the victim. Feels like being a detective while playing it. (Blame Detective CONAN for this.. hehe) Awesome!

Lots of luv,

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back to Nature.. Taman Negara~

Last 2 weekends, my family (mom, dad & bobo) and I went to a place I love most... NATURE. I always put my hands up if i were being ask to join any back-to-nature activities. The main purpose for us going there was to survey the place for my dad's side family outing which was planned somewhere this year.

It was a 3 days 2 nights nice vacation.. We went for rapid-shooting & night jungle walk as soon as we arrived at Taman Negara, Jungle trekking/canopy walk, picnic & night river safari on the second day and fishing on the last day there. Let me explain each activity as we browse through the pictures below, shall we?

A very nice place to stay.. (Note: though its a motel, the room is more like a mini-chalet to me)

We went for rapid-shooting (we actually went to the rapids by boat, against the current and we all end up wet because of the strong waves pushing huge amount of water into the boat!) I did not take any photos while having fun for this activity. Hey, I'm trying to save my new baby camera from all the wetness here~~Result: we went back shivering....
After having our dinner at the motel, we went for Night Jungle Walk in Taman Negara. That night was meant to see some insects and deers that only appears at night. Unfortunately, we only managed to see some insects as all deers were probably afraid to come out due to full moon.. too bright for them~ :p Result: Able to snap a few shots of black scorpion and newborn caterpillar..

The next morning, we went for jungle trekking across Taman Negara... We trekked uphill until we reached....
The Canopy Walk! It was worth our sweats to finally reach here.. Note: we had to reach here early (at least by 9am) since they only allow a few people on the canopy at one time, which means we had to take turns and queue~ Result: managed to capture moments on how mommy's deal with her fear of height
In the evening, we went for some chilling experience in Lata Berkoh. The place was so captivating, the water was crystal clear and it was freezing cold! There was also a kelah (a type of nearly extinct fish, very delicious in taste!) sanctuary nearby. We spent a few hours there before the sunset. Result: my heels hurt caused by the slippery rocks. But it was worth it!

At the same adventure night, we travelled by boat through rivers surrounding Taman Negara for an activity called Night River Safari. Result: we managed to capture a few forest deers that only came out at night to graze some grass.. It was nice to ride on a boat in the middle of the night when the breeze was so soothing, but as you touch the water, it was warm..
On the final day, we went for fishing, but unfortunately, we did not get any fish after hours waiting for it under the scorching sun until my skin burnt :( ...So we went to survey the camping site we gonna use for our plan later this year. It was a very convenient place; not so hot, not so cold, no mosquitoes around too! Result: From daddy's expression, i think the plan later is definitely ON. I bet he even thought of the menu for barbeque for his plan.

From the Environment People~

Lots of luv,

Monday, February 22, 2010

One step forward...

One step forward

I've been dreaming of happy ending;
In a life of endless bliss,
Where i find everything sweet;
In each perfect moment we live.

After counting nights & days;
Now its right before my eyes,
Just waiting for myself to embrace;
With open hands, mind and heart.

As I make a step forward;
My knees become weak, my hands tremble,
I start to shiver, I fold my arms tight.
Something is rushing in my blood.
This is new, it is bright,
Like a magnet, it's pulling me fast.

Being so close keeps me alive;
No clue if this is still a dream,
Never dare to wake up,
So afraid of dying,
Cant afford to lose.

I know this is true,
Its something i cant deny.
Just in need of a little faith to be strong;
A little assurance to carry on,
And a firm hand to hold if i stumble or fall.

Lots of luv,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2009 - PENANG (Day 3)

29th December 2009
Our final day of vacation finally arrived. Early that morning, we packed our stuff and cramped them in the car. We had our breakfast at the nearby restaurant after checking out and drove straight to the bridge.
When we were back at the mainland, we headed straight to Pulau Aman Jetty (Exit at Batu Kawan). The road was confusing but luckily, we didn't get lost. We arrived at the jetty when the sun was 90 degrees above us. After waiting for about 20 minutes, our boat arrived and ready to take us to the island.
Jetty to Pulau Aman

Chillin' out on the boat
Want to know why we went through all the hurdles to get to Pulau Aman? Let's see...

Pulau Aman's specialty.. Prawn Mee & Prawn Fried Rice. YUMMY! There are bigger prawns not shown in this picture, trust me!
The scenery of the restaurant.. Cool!
(Name: Restoran Terapung Pulau Aman)
The most refreshing drinks for the afternoon's thirst... Coconut!!!!

It was worth it, right?? After all of us got our stomach full, we went back to the jetty, took the boat, and went off to the mainland. From there, we went straight back to KL (we did stop twice at the R&R) and reached home around 9pm~
It was a really nice vacation for me & my family.. Can't wait for the next cuti-cuti in 2010!

Lots of luv,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Penang (Day 2)

Lets continue with my travelling story...

On our 2nd day in Penang, we all woke up early to get ready for the journey of the day which is going to be sooo long. We dressed up into our most comfortable clothes and headed out straight away for breakfast. We just had a short breakfast at a mamak shop just nearby our hotel...

good to go!
After enjoying some toasts and cups of tea, we travel to our first destination, Prangin Mall. Actually, it wasn't our actual destination. We just went there to park our car and decided to walk around the town.

We strolled down Penang Road and stopped at a small hat shop just nearby the bridge. Daddy managed to get his hand on a nice cap (the one golfers usually wear). Next, we passed by some pickles shop and manage to get ourselves a few bags of different types of pickles ranging from 500g to 1 kg each. As we moved on further, we found this famous nasi kandar stall called 'Line Clear'. I wonder why it was named as it is though there always a long line queuing especially during peak hours.

When all of us were done with our lunch, we headed out of the stall and find ourselves a beautifully-decorated trishaw. Andak was so thrilled looking at it and insisted on riding on it. Since there were 6 of us, me and boy decided to walk in order to let the others got the feeling of riding a trishaw. We already been on it a few times, so we didnt mind.
Me and boy have some fun walking down the street at the same time taking some pictures of Penang Road (it was a good thing we didnt get on the trishaw). Be bought some chestnuts to kibble along the way as well as a hat for myself since it was burning hot being exposed under the afternoon heat.

Our next journey brought us to Batu Feringghi. As we arrived in front of Tropical Spice Garden, we were welcomed by the sound of the waves crashing the beach together with the calming breeze. It was one exhilarating moment of the day. After paying the entry tickets, we saunter into the garden excitedly. The view of the garden was stunning! I couldn't help myself from taking a huge amount of pictures! Daddy unofficially became our tour guide since he knew almost each and every type of plants in the garden. Thanks, daddy!

From all these pictures, you can judge yourself how cool is this place!

From Tropical Spice Garden, we drove off to a new Hard Rock Hotel which was located at Batu Feringghi beach. It was the coolest place in town! We had our hi-tea at Hard Rock Cafe (which was fabulous!) and shop a few souviners for ourselves at the Hard Rock Shop. It was my first time there and i will go there again!

We went back to Georgetown before sunset. We had our dinner at Gurney Plaza again since all of us were already exhausted by night time. We ended our day dozing of to wonderland..

To be continue...

The longest post i've ever written,