Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Before, Now & Hopes for after..

Only 3 days left until we say 'Goodbye 2010, Hello to 2011'. How much i've learned, how many experiences i've gained in 2010 are uncountable. The principal is the most valuable takeaways that i’m going to bring along to 2011 and the years after.
When I take a glance at the reflection of myself in the mirror, for a split second I forgot about myself in 2009. Amazed by how far I’ve gone through, I never imagined my life will change me this much, in a good manner. Once in a while, I did feel like I woke up at the wrong side of the bed, but after thorough evaluation, I actually learnt something from it.
There have been events in 2010 that make me feel like on cloud nine, a few which really cause some stir and several sad states of affairs. Somehow, I never feel sorry for walking this trail, I never regretted any choices that I’ve made and I never once wish I have a restart button though I made abundant of mistakes.
I am so grateful to have my loved ones whom always there when I needed, always offer their shoulder to cry upon, and in no way judging me for who I am. I am so thankful to have my friends to light up my day and make each day wonderful. I am so relieved that I’ve been blessed with everything that colours each step of my journey. I hope next year and the future onwards will be filled with full of the joys of the spring.
Opening the door of 2011, I’ll grab along LIFE IS UNEXPECTED & TOO BEAUTIFUL TO BE MISSED'

(P/S: Surprise myself with a serious entry.. J)

Lots of Luv,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Its coming to an end

It's now going towards the end of the year but i only have like 8 entries for 2010! What???
?? It's not that i'm too lazy i don't hv stuff to blog about, i'm jz trying to find time to update this baby.. (now, im trying to make excuses when i can update my fb everyday~ what a shame.. sob sob)

Lets list down some important stuff happening since my last update (which is in August.. shame again) that i missed from including them as entries for my blog:

1) My trip around M'sia (KK, Melaka, T'ganu, Bukit Tinggi, Lumut, Penang etc..)
2) Friends Wedding (too many to be listed down here - takut kalo x list sume nnti ade yg kecik ati)
3) Babies updates (Eryna & newly born Uzz)
4) My OWN Birthday (this is consider TOO MUCH! huuuuuuuuu)

And other happy & sad stories i wish to share..

I do love 2010 so i will still update all some of these stories even though i'm back to square one..

Latest picture of baby Eryna.. will update soon about this cheeky girl!

Lots of luv,