Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 2 in Hong Kong: Ngong Ping

It was our second day and the weather was a bit drizzling. After having our Filet-O-Fish from the Mcdonalds, we moved on to Yau Ma Tei station and departed to Tung Chung Station for Ngong Ping Trip.

Our train stopped in a mall called City Gate Outlet (Twice huge than Johor Premium Outlet). It is famous for their branded stuff at a very  low prices. Once we stepped out of the train, we saw a signage saying 'Cable Car to Ngong Ping is currently under maintanence'. Whaaaatttttttttt? That was one of the purpose we want to go to Ngong Ping! Everybody was sooo frustrated at that point in time. So, I decided to go to the cable car terminal to get some details. The terminal was located exactly next to the outlet. Once we reached there, They told us that we can go up there by bus instead since they did not know when the cable car will be running again due to heavy mist. We quickly decided to take the bus as we do not want to waste our time shopping in a mall which we can do the same thing back in Kuala Lumpur.

Our journey to the hilltop took about 1 hour. Some of us fall asleep along the way while others admiring the view of Lantau Island.

Entrance of Ngong Ping Village (Heavy mist with visibility less than 15m)

There are lots of this kind of statue up here..

Behind the mist there was actually the world's largest outdoor Buddha bronze statue..

 The world's largest wooden column.. There were 38 of them! They call this place Wisdom Path..
 One of the encryption on one of the column..Its a wisdom i think..

After severe walking and climbing, our stomachs started to grumble asking for lunch.. We went to Ngong Ping Theme Village (Outside the temple area) for some food. Found Ebeneezer's Kebab, a halal chain restaurant in Hong Kong..

One of the tastiest lamb briyani in the house!

The pizza look plain, right? Wait until u pull off one slice! Cheesy-ly amazing!

Once we were done with lunch, we went out the restaurant and saw the cable car was up & running! We quickly went to the ticket counter, booked one-way trip in a crystal cabin for all 9 of us (including baby Uzzy).

The crystal cabin waiting time was not that long as it was considered as VIP cabin.. hehe.. Once we got into the cabin, we were amazed by the glass we were stepping on it. Let the pictures below tell the story..

It was forest underneath our feet!

The cable car passed through mountain tops..

Look how baby Uzzy was chilling out~ Underneath him was actually a view when we move from the forest to cross the ocean..

View from the cable car,, It was almost raining!

Some souvenirs for us to take home..

We then went down and got on the train to our next destination, Disneyland.. Stay Tuned!

Lots of luv,

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 1 in Hong Kong

On 28th April 2012, my friends and I went to Hong Kong for a 4 days 3 nights trip. Yeah, i know it was so late to update.. (cerita basi) as only after a month i can only manage to sit down at update this blog after a long long holiday..

We departed from KLIA on Saturday morning. I was sooooo surprised that the queueing lines for Malaysian Airlines was very loooooooooooonggg! Probably it was because it was long holiday for Malaysia due to Labor Day. I was so lucky that i've done my check-in online so i just need to queue up for bag drop.

Our flight was delayed for almost 30 minutes (i guess due to delay of previous flight). Though we were among the last passengers to board the plane, we still need to wait in for departure. Imagine those who have been lining up waaayyy earlier to get a space of overhead luggage storage. Pity them..

Anyway, we safely reached Hong Kong International Airport at around 2pm. From there, we took a shuttle to take us to our hotel which was located in Kowloon. The shuttle drove around Hong Kong City drop passengers here and there, passed by Disneyland where i got a glimpse of their magnificent castle cum hotel (if i am to go again to Disneyland, i'll definitely stay there!).

It was weekend, and again it was Hong Kong, hence traffic jams were everywhere. We reached our Hotel YWCA Anne Black Guest House after touring with the shuttle bus for almost an hour. After resting and some unpacking done, we move straight to our next location Victoria Peak.

To go to the peak, we got on a train from Yau Ma Tei station which was 15 mins walk from our  hotel. We took off at Central Station, take exit J2 and walk towards, Charter Garden where you can see the gorgeous architecture of Bank of China. We stopped by to enjoy the view and then walk along Garden Read (uphill to the peak tram terminus.
An evening view of Hong Kong buildings from Charter Garden

When we reach the terminus, the queue was d*** long!!!! at the line marking we were standing, it said 'Waiting time 45 minutes!'. We have no choice and to tired to move anywhere, so we just wait in the line. Lucky for us, the line was moving quite fast, so we reached the ticket counter in less than 20 minutes. 

The Peak Lower Terminus

While waiting in the snaking line..

Our choo - choo train!

View of Hong Kong from the Peak!!! Breath-taking~

It was drizzling so we didnt stay long outside. Plus we were very hungry and we moved on trying to look for food. It was so hard to find a halal restaurant, hence we end up dining seafood at Bubba Gump..

Our just fine dinner...

After buying souvenirs from the peak, we went back down via the tram and went straight back to the hotel...

YWCA ANNE BLACK GUEST HOUSE rating (out of 5): 
1) Room & Bed – 3/5 (Room and bed was decent for the price we have to pay- well, its HK~ )
2) Toilet – 4/5 (It was clean and spacey enough. Water heater ran well J )
3) Service - 3/5 (Nothing special..Just OK)
4) Overall rating – 3.3/5

Lots of luv,