Monday, December 7, 2009

Towards the end of the year..

Just a short post before i go to sleep..

I only realize now that i am creating the 40th post while my dear friend; Crystal, who started out her blog a bit later than mine has more than 100 posts now.. *very embarrassing*

I do love sharing stories with anybody who read my blog. For people who knew me well, you know how talkative i can be. I guess it suits my 'rainbow' personality (a term given by one of my colleague). It is just that lately, i've been facing a lot of restrictions to post one. I found myself making tons of excuses to not visiting my own blog. Sorry dear blog! Will make up to you later.

My schedule was not that tight, i suppose. Wake up early morning, go to work, have breakfast with the breakfast club (previously there were 3 of us, but Miss Mekya can't make it right now with her current boss.. hehe), continue with work, have lunch with friends, continue with work again, go back at 5.30, reach home at 6, play,play,play, rest and sleep before midnight.This routine rotates over & over again until TGIF.

As for weekend, it has been filled with fun stuff and hopefully applies to all other weekends ahead. Hanging out with family & friends is a stress-reliever. Too bad all my younger brothers are all grown up, now nobody wants to follow me shopping! In the end i went alone to the mall~ (sounds pitiful, but at least nobody has to wait for me while choosing & trying the clothes thousands of time!)

There will be more holidays towards the end of the year and i wish i can enjoy more stuff before 2009 ends. I am currently trying to fill in my calender with series of events. We never know what next year will come for us~

Til' next post~

Lots of luv,