Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Rainy E-day :) - The Second Step

Yes, as the title says, it was raining during my engagement day..

Here are some pictures to share.. and for me and mr K's memories..

MAke up time with my favourite MUA - K wati from Nellyza
My future in-laws coming through the rain~
This was how we transported our hantarans..
Daddy nervously waiting...
While Mommy is happy! Finally her little girl decided to get married! Hilang masalah la tu..

Now.. here I come!
The moment i was about to change status...
I'm officialy someone's fiancee!
A moment with my lovely cuzzies (and aunty)
With my mom, my mom-to-be and the lil-attention-seeker Eryna

Ma familia... love you much! (Achik je tade dlm gamba ni)

My darlings with our all-time favourite mascot, Uzzy!

Our guests.. thank you for coming!
And below some beautiful shots from my cameraman, Hadi from Newbornpixs
My favourite profile picture to-date..

Me & K.. May we stay happy together forever.. In Shaa Allah..

Lots of luv,