Monday, August 31, 2009

My sis' wedding: Part 5 (Majlis Bertandang)

Thanx to my sis, my blog now become dustier than ever! It took so long to get pictures from these newly-weds. Not that they are on honeymoon... *sigh*

Nyway, lets move on to the next stage of the wedding; majlis bertandang (Groom's side). This reception was held at Galeri Shah Alam. Though it was quite hot that day, the view was very scenic. Luckily, late in the afternoon, it got a bit windy and all our sweats were dried off.

Arrival of us..

Walking beneath the scorching sun

Towards their dais

In sweet lavender we sit

The best part: Lunch!
(W'pun duduk kt meja pengantin for makan beradab, we all makan x igt dunia!)

Picture time.. (Siblings without azri. Sorry ngau!)

Me & my cousins loveeee camera!

The dining area

At the end of the day...

P/s: Final wedding part is coming up! ( I promise it wont take weeks to post it.. LOL)

Lots of luv,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My sis' wedding: Part 4 (Majlis Bersanding)

I just realize that most of my posts recently contained more pictures than words. Is that a sign for me to get myself a camera? Should I put it at the top of my wish-list? Not that i am good with camera. Posing? Much better. You can see yourself~ LOL.

Enough. Let's get back on track. I am sharing with you guys the photos from the reception held at my home sweet home.. To all who came, thank you so much. I am sorry for not being able to entertain you guys much @ not being a good host.

During cake-cutting ceremony

Our family...

With groom's family

Some poses @ daddy's wakaf ( x payah pegi garden.. haha)

When the cuzzies gone crazy!

Along & one of her best friends..
(Purposely chose this picture because the baby is SO ADORABLE!)

A quick shot with Nono & Mela (cdt to Paan)

Thank once again to Mela, Nono, T-ah, Bib, Shak, Paan, Ja'a, Sepul, Ain & her fren (sorry, lupe name), Lan, Awerz, Mokchique, Hafiz, Crystal & Chris for coming... I hope i didn't miss any other names~~

Looks like i am posting more than the bride herself...Doesn't matter~ I want to share our family's big days with everybody!!!

Lots of luv,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My sis' wedding: Part 3 (Majlis Akad Nikah)

It has been a while since part 2. Let's resume the story.

At 3 pm sharp on 18th of July 2009, my sister; Puteri Nur Esteena is officially a wife to Mr Haritzal. In the most serene ceremony, i could see the joy & happiness in each of my family members' eyes. After so much that we've gone through, it was the moment that we deserved to enjoy & celebrate~

nervously waiting bride...

the view in front of the dais

The moment....

let the rings be the witness~

Hantaran (Purple from the groom, Pink from the bride)

Our 1st new family picture..

With the same bouquet~

Wishing u both a great life ahead & hope u live happily ever after~

Lots of luv,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My sis' wedding: Part 2 (Majlis Berinai)

This post suppose to be the 3rd part but unfortunately, it is going to take quite long time to get the pics for the actual 2nd part which were taken during majlis akad nikah. Lets save those pictures for the 3rd part, shall we?

After maghrib prayer, the groom; dressed up in traditional royal costume, arrived together with his family. Most uncles & aunties from my family (bride's side) welcomed them with bunga rampai & air mawar. Then, the groom's crew were directed into the house.

Waiting in the house was the bride with face covered by the bridesmaid (me!) The bride's face will only reveal after all the guests sat down in front of the dais.

Next, the merenjis part. This was the most exciting part. Each family members (from both sides) needed to perform this merenjis no matter how old you were. The list of people whom should carry out the merenjis part are as follows (In the exact order):

1) Groom's parents to the bride
2) Groom's siblings to the bride
3) Groom's other family members to the bride
4) Groom to the bride
5) Bride to the groom
6) Bride's parents to the groom
7) Bride's other family members to the groom
8) Bride's siblings to the groom

Groom's dad to bride

Bride to groom

Bride's dad to groom

Bride's youngest brother to groom

Gifts from the couple..

To each person, after merenjis, they had to give some 'angpow' to the person they perform the merenjis. In return, they received some gifts from the host. When all the people aforementioned had fulfilled their task, then only the bride & groom sat together on the dais.

Some moments during pulut kuning ceremony

Last but not least,was the 'pulut kuning' cutting ceremony.. The event ended with some refreshment (dinner) prepared by the bride's family~

Til' next post~

Lots of luv,