Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My sis' engagement

A few friends keep asking me bout my sis' engagement which was held last month (17/1/09). Things went well and it was wonderful. Here are a few pics captured on that day:

My gorgeous engaged sister..

Some of our 9 dulangs of hantaran. The guys side returned with 7 dulangs which some of them are these:

The ceremony started sharp at 12 noon and ended around 3pm. Mom & Dad looked quite nervous (well it was their 1st time), but we knew they were in a merry. Below are some exciting moments of the day.

The wedding is expected to be in july as follows:

17/7: Khatam Al-Quran (morning)
18/7: Akad Nikah (morning)
19/7: Bersanding-bride's house (afternoon)
25/7: Bersanding - groom's place (TBA)
26/7: Reception - Taman Tasik Perdana (night)

This is the gift for the guests - the photographer has already untied the ribbon (penat buat 300pcs of this!)

Lots of luv,

P/s: To Mena, sorry cuz x smpt nk borak aritu.. bz~~

Sunday, February 15, 2009

To my dearest Sanggar Kirana family~~

A family i treasure

We've been in a journey together;
Where we found joy & laughter,
We create a bond like brother & sister,
So strong, can't be broken by any cutter.

People comes & goes;
As hours take their places,
It is something we have to face,
In each & every phase.

From what i've gained;
For all i've learnt;
Being with you i treasure most,
Leaving feels like a huge loss;
Can't be paid at any cost.

I pray we always stay as a family;
As Sanggar Kirana will always be in mind,
It will remain as a beautiful memory,
For a long lifetime~

Lots of luv,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Step by Step

Step by Step

Taking a glimpse
At the way I used to lived
Walking within the line that seems dull
But running away wont change any
Since keeping them inside is worst of all

How hard I think differently
How much I want things to be
A truth will always be true
A fate will always lead its way

I cannot hide, I cannot erase
I'm saving myself
I'm losing up the pain
I'm closing the back door
To gain some strengths
To be able to walk out proudly

Things might seem fine
Though craziest stuffs surround
But i will never stop looking
For the light that feels right
To believe, to break free
To rise up so that the world can see.

Taking my life
step by step
It is better than not moving at all
Neither too fast nor too slow
Let it be eventually~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dead yet alive...

Dead yet Alive....

Still breathing
In the darkest night
Trying to look behind
Digging for a clue
On mistakes done in the past

Still standing
In the heaviest rain
Searching for an answer
To a question
That never exist

Still hiding
In an open vast land
Feeling insecure and afraid
To even lift my head
To face the pain awaits

Still awake
In the deepest sleep
Wishing i will never see
The dream lies beneath

It is easy to smile
But it's hard to laugh
It's easy to frown
But hard to shed a single tear

It takes miles
Before I found them again
Cuz right now
I feel dead yet so much alive...