Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Convo 2009

It takes exactly a month for me to realize that i haven't post anything about my convo; which was supposed to be one of the best moment in my life. Who doesn't love their convo? Maybe a few, but all graduates should be able to find at least a piece of good memory to carry along for the rest of his/her life.

Lets see how i enjoyed my graduation day..

My family..

This was unplanned

Fight! That's what siblings do~

With my Sanggar Kirana

With mela... thanx 4 everything dear~

My chemy girls.. (my mortar board has flown away due to strong wind)

Last but not least, with Crystal..

Lesson learnt: Family is Everything!
Lots of luv,


  1. wahh...lamanya update!! convo dh lama lepas =p yay got my pic!!

  2. can u tell the difference between this pic & d 1 in facebook?? ;p