Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taste of Freshness

Taste of freshness

In the midst of something new;
Laden with mixed feelings,
Impressed, amused, terrified;
Keep on somersaulting;
Each time I sense the taste of freshness,
in every single things ahead.

Still saving the real golds of me;
Deep in my treasure chest,
Even it is worthless for sure;
I'm waiting for the right moment, the right key,
To release, to set them free.

Though I'm scared,
Cuz I know I might get hurt,
I'm willing to move forward,
To discover and embrace,
A life full of ambiguities;
Till the highest point of greatness.

Living myself to the fullest,
For self-satisfaction;
For those with hopes in me.

Lots of luv,


  1. sure u can, babe!!
    chaiyo2~ and neva givup k~ :)

  2. hey i feel the same way as you do...hahah

  3. una: i wont give up so easily~~ everything is worth a try right?

    crystal: what a coincidence? we should me to share these... (u still owe me kenny rogers, remember?)

  4. hahhahaha..yes yes waiting for u la busy woman!