Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2009 - PENANG (Day 3)

29th December 2009
Our final day of vacation finally arrived. Early that morning, we packed our stuff and cramped them in the car. We had our breakfast at the nearby restaurant after checking out and drove straight to the bridge.
When we were back at the mainland, we headed straight to Pulau Aman Jetty (Exit at Batu Kawan). The road was confusing but luckily, we didn't get lost. We arrived at the jetty when the sun was 90 degrees above us. After waiting for about 20 minutes, our boat arrived and ready to take us to the island.
Jetty to Pulau Aman

Chillin' out on the boat
Want to know why we went through all the hurdles to get to Pulau Aman? Let's see...

Pulau Aman's specialty.. Prawn Mee & Prawn Fried Rice. YUMMY! There are bigger prawns not shown in this picture, trust me!
The scenery of the restaurant.. Cool!
(Name: Restoran Terapung Pulau Aman)
The most refreshing drinks for the afternoon's thirst... Coconut!!!!

It was worth it, right?? After all of us got our stomach full, we went back to the jetty, took the boat, and went off to the mainland. From there, we went straight back to KL (we did stop twice at the R&R) and reached home around 9pm~
It was a really nice vacation for me & my family.. Can't wait for the next cuti-cuti in 2010!

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  1. it takes you so long to post up the whole penang's post! I almost forgotten bout the earlier ones.. =_=

    i will blog about philippines soon!

  2. haahahha... well i got about 5+ more pending posts to blog~~ wonder when will all those finished~(all my news seems to be like 1 month old..heheh)

    can't wait for the philippines story!