Friday, August 20, 2010

I present to you....

Dear blog,

I'm sorry i left you for a few months. It was not because i totally forgot about you..Wonder why i've been abandoning you for so long??

I hereby present to all of you my beloved newborn niece; PUTERI HANNAH ERYNA BINTI HARITZAL!!!

in the first few days... she was a very tiny little girl with weight of 2.2 kgs and length of 44cm

in her 1st month... she did cry a lot, but looking at this innocent face melts my heart away~

During her 2nd month... she loves camera! Trust me, it is very easy to capture her at any moments!

And in her 3rd month with Joy!

She is now 4 months old weighing more than 6 kgs. My bam bam (her name i used to call her because of her plump cheeks!) has grown so much, right?
Now, i do have a solid reason to leave you for a while, didn't i? But no worries my dear blog, you will still have something to show off once in a while~

Lots of luv,


  1. Congrats Aunty Elin!!! Welcome to the aunty's club...wakakkaka super cute...wannna cubit her badly. She can play with Julie and Naomi...Bring her out i wanna play with her!! =)

  2. Let them have a play date later ok? while they bz playing, their aunties will be bz wif gossiping!! Nice~