Sunday, December 19, 2010

Its coming to an end

It's now going towards the end of the year but i only have like 8 entries for 2010! What???
?? It's not that i'm too lazy i don't hv stuff to blog about, i'm jz trying to find time to update this baby.. (now, im trying to make excuses when i can update my fb everyday~ what a shame.. sob sob)

Lets list down some important stuff happening since my last update (which is in August.. shame again) that i missed from including them as entries for my blog:

1) My trip around M'sia (KK, Melaka, T'ganu, Bukit Tinggi, Lumut, Penang etc..)
2) Friends Wedding (too many to be listed down here - takut kalo x list sume nnti ade yg kecik ati)
3) Babies updates (Eryna & newly born Uzz)
4) My OWN Birthday (this is consider TOO MUCH! huuuuuuuuu)

And other happy & sad stories i wish to share..

I do love 2010 so i will still update all some of these stories even though i'm back to square one..

Latest picture of baby Eryna.. will update soon about this cheeky girl!

Lots of luv,

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