Friday, May 27, 2011

I like Nippon Paint because it can turn dully weary into jolly rainbow!

Remember those cute Blobbies from Nippon Paint tv commercial? Recalled a chubby blue elephant spraying paint all over the building?

Well,  this advertisment is the stepping stone on how i become a huge fan of Nippon Paint! Everytime this ads is on the screen, my eyes will automatically hooked at it, amazed by the wonderful colours and joyous feeling brought by those adorable Blobbies. Totally feel like riding on a rainbow bridge!

Don't make me start with the varieties of their colour palettes, you'll definitely fall head over heels over Nippon Paint. From odour-less to spot-less, Nippon Paint got it all~

Even you are in your own tiny room, with Nippon Paint colours, you will feel like living in a Palace!

I have done my part. Blobbies, it is your turn to make it happen with Nippon Paint!

To turn a dull place into an exuberant room , do catch their Blobbies here:

Lots of luv, 

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