Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Soya Drive-Thru!

I went back to Perak last weekend for my April's melody (read previous post). As we hang out in Ipoh, i was brought for lunch in Ipoh town. I had my 'Nasi Ganja' (google it yourself, hihi) and soybean drinks (which i'm going to share here) for dessert.

The soybean shop is located at the corner of the road. I was actually at first, pissed off with those line-up cars parking right at the corner of junction. I almost started to curse, but in a few minutes time, we were already in front of the shop. It was a typical old Chinese shop located just by the busy street. A young man (the waiter) moved from car to car and took order. I was totally blur on what to order, so i ended up soybean with grass jelly which my friend ordered for me.

Funny Name!

The waiter taking order from the car window.

The drink was so refreshing! We can finish the drink in just 5 minutes. After paying the drinks, we drove off to give way to the next line-up cars. It was worth the experience!

Lots of luv,

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