Monday, January 12, 2009



I wish for something really close, but it seems far away.
I wish for something I always see, but it seems blindfolded.
I wish for something glittering,but it seems lost of shine.

But, a wish is just a wish.
I may or may not have it in my hand.
No clear or true answer.
When, where or how, and even will the wish be with me.

Going to another chapter of life, makes me wish of things i never thought.
Sometimes, I feel selfish for wanting too much.
Or, should I forget about all the wishes i had in mind.
Should just wake up in the morning,put all my energy to the day, to grant the wish myself.

Children wish on their birthday cakes,
couples wish upon the stars,
adults wish in their prayer.
Though many ways of them, believe is necessities.

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