Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My heart is crying~

My heart is crying...

My heart is crying..
I just dont know what else to do
I feel like suffocating
In this gifted life..

Hearts are mend to be broken
If i broke others
i need to mend them
If i'm broken,
none can mend..

Life can be so blessed
It can be cruel too
Life has everything inside
But does everything means anything to you?

If life has been so easy
Then life wont be life
Life is left to be difficult
For human to create their own paths

Where do I stand right now?
How high have I flew?
How well do I behave?
How i'm being judged?

So many questions
playing in my mind
I know I should not cry
Though it really hurts inside

In the end
I can only hear
My heart is crying...

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