Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Step by Step

Step by Step

Taking a glimpse
At the way I used to lived
Walking within the line that seems dull
But running away wont change any
Since keeping them inside is worst of all

How hard I think differently
How much I want things to be
A truth will always be true
A fate will always lead its way

I cannot hide, I cannot erase
I'm saving myself
I'm losing up the pain
I'm closing the back door
To gain some strengths
To be able to walk out proudly

Things might seem fine
Though craziest stuffs surround
But i will never stop looking
For the light that feels right
To believe, to break free
To rise up so that the world can see.

Taking my life
step by step
It is better than not moving at all
Neither too fast nor too slow
Let it be eventually~

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