Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My sis' engagement

A few friends keep asking me bout my sis' engagement which was held last month (17/1/09). Things went well and it was wonderful. Here are a few pics captured on that day:

My gorgeous engaged sister..

Some of our 9 dulangs of hantaran. The guys side returned with 7 dulangs which some of them are these:

The ceremony started sharp at 12 noon and ended around 3pm. Mom & Dad looked quite nervous (well it was their 1st time), but we knew they were in a merry. Below are some exciting moments of the day.

The wedding is expected to be in july as follows:

17/7: Khatam Al-Quran (morning)
18/7: Akad Nikah (morning)
19/7: Bersanding-bride's house (afternoon)
25/7: Bersanding - groom's place (TBA)
26/7: Reception - Taman Tasik Perdana (night)

This is the gift for the guests - the photographer has already untied the ribbon (penat buat 300pcs of this!)

Lots of luv,

P/s: To Mena, sorry cuz x smpt nk borak aritu.. bz~~


  1. wah, first post tanpa puisi ke apa2 ke...

    nice picts!
    thx for uploading...
    can learn alot from dat...


  2. kene gk post something different.. x sume org phm poems~ mostly based on request~