Monday, May 18, 2009

1st may CAMPING!!!

This is where i camped with my family last 2 weeks. Located in Kg Toho, Jelebu, we went there to get away far from the hustles & bustles of the polluted city. And i do mean FAR literally. It took hours (like a normal drive from KL to Malacca) to reach the top of the mountain thanks to our 3 Mr 4-wheelers. I can't imagine what will happen if a normal car joined us.

Judging from our small campfire doesn't mean we didn't do much work. We did Hell A Job there! It was supposed to be a holiday due to Labour's Day, but i feel worked more than a labour! With all the cooking and cleaning, i was wore off by evening. All guys went for fishing and we girls stayed at the camp, gossiping while waiting for the fish...

This place was like a door to heaven for me. The water was crystal-clear and Soooooooooo cold! Each time i tried to put my feet into the water, i could feel the chill up to my brain. I had to wash my face and wet my head first before entering the water; a tip given by my dad in order to slow down the shock received by our body so that we won't feel very cold at start. While having fun at the river, i was once shocked by a tickle came from a small fish that swam around my toes.

Kids especially, had more fun than us. Looking at their 'style' trying to get a fish was hilarious! But they did caught some, unlike me who didn't have luck at all though tried~ One of them even caught a fish just using fishing line tied to a piece of branch! Kinda embarrassed, lucky me, they were all my siblings and cousins.

Our way home was much faster (maybe because it was easier to drive down the hill than climbing to the top). Most of us slept in the car and as we opened our eyes, all we saw were our home sweet homes...

It was an event worth remembering...

Lots of luv,

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