Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eternal Punishment

Looking around the empty space;
Of a life i've once faced,
No matter how hard i tried to clear,
There is always dust in corners.

Trying to craft the finest life;
Where i should be in my control,
I crept, I leapt, I ran, I strived,
To get to the finish line, reaching my goal.

But i should foresee the bumpy roads;
And be prepared for puddles & muds,
Now i have stains all over my clothes,
As well as blood from slashes & cuts.

Punish me for being scared,
Scold me as for myself i cant stand.
I'm sorry for I can't break free,
It's a guilt i'll carry for eternity.

And i hope one day you'll understand...

Lots of luv,

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