Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 things that i do these days...

I don't really know what 2 update in this blog since lately, each day is always similar to the other days.

Juz wanna share a few things that i do these days:

1) Teaching those kids lessons
2) Taking care of my cat and her newborn kittens; Sora, Sory, Tiger and Miki (miki passed away 1 week after he was born)
3) Making preparations for my only sister's wedding (from painting the rooms to distributing the wedding invitations)
4) Fetching lil' brother from school as well as sending him to tuition everyday
5) Going to morning or night market each time the fridge is out of fish and veges
6) Making desserts for almost every occasion in-house. Being a sous chef occasionally.
7) Watching a sinetron that has not finished yet though already 250++ episodes aired
8) Playing Neopets!
9) Eating a huge amount of food!

The 10th spot will be left for any abrupt occasions that need my hand ie. nursing and shopping~

Lots of luv,


  1. pembesaran ukur lilit perot n pinggang berlaku disitu..lallala~

  2. fuh yo...
    ja'a pon ada datang sini...

    nmpk je cam elin makan byk..
    dia tgh mementenkan diri tu...
    nak jd pengapit kena diet..
    lepas akak dia kawin tu aku pon tak berapa sure...


  3. hehe sinetron tu mesti intan kan. punya banyak episod tak habis habis.

  4. uiks..intan xabeh lg?pe jd skang?pas rangga meninggal die kawen sape da?hahahha

  5. ja'a: badan aku nek cm ne pn, ukur lilit mmg susah nk nek la...

    paan: elin bkn pengapit la, PA pengantin x yh la nk maintain, berat mmg dh nek pn..hihu

    alin: mmg cite intan pn dh msk 260 eps dh~

    yatie: kalo nk cite sume kt sini mmmg patah jari menaip. Lps rangga meninggal, die ade anak dgn rado, Bintang. Budak tu dh besar pn~