Friday, July 24, 2009

Bantal Busuk..

It's already 1.15 am but i still can't get myself to sleep. I should have been dreaming hours ago after i took my medicine. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work, so here i am, blogging.

I look around to find some ideas. Suddenly, my eyes caught up 1 of my favourite things in the world; my 'BANTAL BUSUK'! Yes, now i am confessing to the whole world that i currently have a Bantal Busuk in my possession. Do we call it 'Smelly Pillow' [direct translation sometimes works, huh] in English?? Hehe~ It should be interesting to write about it.

I didn't have it since i was a toddler. I had it during my early days in boarding school. It actually came with a bolster, but i lost that bolster through time. So i am left with this rectangular pillow. It has exactly 100 bears printed on it [i counted them, really!]; some in chocolate and some grey.

Originally, the pillow was beige in colour. However, as time pass by, the colour changes and now, i also cannot describe what colour it is! My mom once said "if campak dalam kolam, ikan pun bole mati!" Still, it smells nice to me~

This special pillow is not for me to hug. I use to put it behind my back when i go to sleep. It makes me feel safer. I also use it as a good friend to wipe my tears occasionally. I think it holds more secret about me than anyone does. It also fits into my luggage bag so i can bring it everywhere except when i want to travel by plane.

I think i should stop confessing about my pillow now.. I really have to try to sleep or i will become a zombie in the morning! I got a whole list of stuff to do tomorrow for the reception this weekend. Friends whom asked for pictures will have to wait.. The wedding hasn't reach its final moment yet.

Til next post. I'm coming my dearest Bantal Busuk!

Lots of luv,


  1. elin.....bantal tuh ada ka time ko menghuni the upper bunk kat dorm kite tuh?

    ikan leh mati,naseb bek aku x de prognosis yang same....


  2. ade la... yg aku slalu bwk trun bilik study.
    the same old pillow~

    5 years ago, bantal tu comey lg.. x kn matinye kalo ko peluk.