Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In less than 100 hours

Wedding preparations comes together with conflicts. As we always hear, not everything goes exactly like what we planned. My sister is currently not being like the above bridezilla, Thank God!)

On the bright side, these days make our family bond much2 stronger. Most of us 6 siblings' time are at home. We divided the chores among ourselves, cleaned the house together, painted the bride's room ourselves (and some of the paint splashed onto our hair & skin either purposely or accidentally ) while sang along to the song from a laptop. It was so fun having everybody enjoyed working in a stress-free environment.

In less than 100 hours, my sister will become somebody's wife. With an additional person in our family, we hope that greater joy & fun will also be added into our life. We seriously pray that things will turn out well for all receptions that gonna be held this week and the next.

Til' next post...

Lots of luv,



  1. elin post cepat gmbr wedding!!! nak tgk!! hehe

  2. tggu2... lum dpt lg gamba2. Photographer punye la rmi, satu gamba pun lum muncul lg neh~