Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hectic weekends..

My February's weekends has been very hectic.. With all wedding preparations, i feel like my time has been soooo limited and does not favor me..I've been running around from exhibitions to shops to galleries etc. It is crazy, but i'll do my best..

I'm sharing some experiences attending wedding expos in Klang Valley..

1) Pameran Pengantin 1-3 Feb SACC Shah Alam..

I was getting soooo excited going to this expo.. It was my first time thus i didnt hv any expectation except for helping me getting my checklist complete..

I secured booking for Seri Sireh Avenue on the first day of my visit and i thought that was it. Suddenly i got a call around dinner time from UrbanVibe, the organizer informing me that i've won a lucky draw!!! Without asking further details, i made a decision to come again the next day to collect my prize.

What i won?  Taraaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~

A table fan!
K was very overambitious saying that we might win a honeymoon package, but i hate to say this darling, we only got a fan to bring together to our honeymoon.. hehehehe.. at least we got something aint we?
So on the 2nd day, we went into the expo again. (Takkan la nk pegi semata2 nk collect prezzies kn..) Since we have not yet finalized our OV, we decided to go for a round. I was blinded by amazing videos from multiple companies, but luckily K was there to help me analysed all the packages, materials etc (he did everything in fact.)
At last, we both mutually agreed to hire Jabbe as our OV. He was a nice guy, explained everything very well (especially to a not-so-videography-savvy me). His package is within our budget as well. As long as K understood the details, im fine with it.. hehe..
They are having another expos in March in PWTC if im not mistaken.. so B2Bs, buckle up!
2) Karnival Jom Kahwin, 15-17 February 2013, Wangsa Walk Mall.
To me, it was slightly of a smaller scale (probably just half) compared to Pameran Pengantin. The choices are okay.. some dresses are lovely, but as most of the items we had officially booked, so we did not make a detailed search..
Okay, that's the end for expos review..

Lots of luv,

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