Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My own wedding checklist (7 months before)

Here comes the third checklist which must be completed 7 months before my wedding (October). But couldnt achieve the KPI.. hehe

7 Months Before Ceremony

1) Listing down hantaran for both sides - DONE

2) Looking for wedding apparels
  • Jubah khatam - Ready Made
  • Baju Nikah - Using kain from hantaran. Tailor K Wati (me). Maroz (for K)
  • Berinai Suit - Nellyza
  • Reception Gown & Coat - Nellyza
  • Bertandang Suit - Nellyza
3) Looking for wedding cards
  • True Love, Pudu- Deposit Done.
Lots of luv,

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