Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daddy's 53rd birthday...

On 13th April 2009, we celebrated our beloved daddy's 53rd Birthday! My sis and her fiance brought us out for dinner at Oriental Spoon, Sentral Plaza around 8pm that night.The restaurant was empty; which means, the whole place was for us! We enjoyed the delicious hot Chinese cuisine there until there was no room left in each of us! Here are some moments captured during the night:

Ya Allah...anak dara ape mkn nganga beso2 neh?? ;p

Mom & Dad..

Along and her fiance

Me and Boy (Boy sgt bengang ngnku ketika pose ini)

Along and kitan..

Menikmati soup dlm 'bekas potpourri' haha

An abundant amount of food...

A corner of Oriental Spoon..

We didnt end our night at Oriental Spoon. From the restaurant, we went straight to a durian stall around 10pm (thanks to uncle C for his treat!) We all longed for durian (Or was it just me? It was my idea to go there..) So, we ended up having more than 10 durians! The durians were small sizes ones but they were sweet...

Too bad, no pics for the durian here..Go and google urself~

p/s: to Andak and Achik, sorry la x tapau for korg..maybe next year (or next2 year?? ;p)

Lots of luv,

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