Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shiloh vs Suri

Hoho! An intersting issue from Star Magazine.. Are they now trying to put these two celebrity princesses into a battle like they did to the other adult celebrities???

From this mag, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is being described as a down-to-earth girl with a free spirit whom wear only hand-me-downs from her siblings while Suri Cruise comes across as a salon-coiffed primadonna with a bad temper.

This mag also points out that Shiloh binges on cookies and plays with dolls while Suri is still hooked on the bottle and will throw a fit if her mommy forgets her blankie!

Come on guys, this is not a toddler showdown or what-so-ever! They are just going to be 3!

Whatever the press or paparazzi will say in the future, may these girls will stay as best friends FOREVER... Thanks to their mothers' effort for keep continuing to get them together..hope these little girls will survive in their celebrity world and didnt get spoiled..

Lots of luv,

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