Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Nervously sitting at the front porch,
Blanketed with a pale blue wool jacket,
Holding a mug of hot chocolate so warm;
In the middle of each morning from dawn;

Looking blindlessly towards the outside,
As the mailman pass by,
Not blinking even once,
Eagerly hope for the news;
That might change a living of a life.

Nothing came to pay a visit,
Maybe for someone else,
But none similar to the one awaits,

I cant feel my breath;
I am scared,
My heart beats so fast that it hurts,
My mind wanders crazily so puzzle,
My body feels so weak like a cripple.

It is not the time to give up yet;
Good stuff always find its right way & right moment,
It doesnt come yet,
Because a better thing will come next.
It doesnt come at all,
Because it is for the best.

Hence, stay alive.
We will never know what will come for us~

Lots of luv,

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