Monday, August 31, 2009

My sis' wedding: Part 5 (Majlis Bertandang)

Thanx to my sis, my blog now become dustier than ever! It took so long to get pictures from these newly-weds. Not that they are on honeymoon... *sigh*

Nyway, lets move on to the next stage of the wedding; majlis bertandang (Groom's side). This reception was held at Galeri Shah Alam. Though it was quite hot that day, the view was very scenic. Luckily, late in the afternoon, it got a bit windy and all our sweats were dried off.

Arrival of us..

Walking beneath the scorching sun

Towards their dais

In sweet lavender we sit

The best part: Lunch!
(W'pun duduk kt meja pengantin for makan beradab, we all makan x igt dunia!)

Picture time.. (Siblings without azri. Sorry ngau!)

Me & my cousins loveeee camera!

The dining area

At the end of the day...

P/s: Final wedding part is coming up! ( I promise it wont take weeks to post it.. LOL)

Lots of luv,


  1. pergh!!brp bnyk phase ni kak??pnt tnggu ending ni..he3..akk sok jgn r wat bnyk2 phase..letih kami adik2 gamel nk g nnti..he3

  2. Side perempuan mmg byk phase la~

    time akak (yg x tau kurun ke brape), korg bukan dtg as guests nnti tau.. korg dtg buat keje! hahahaha

  3. hahahah....the way u post it kan this wedding take weeks...hahahahah so grand! *jelous*

  4. ahaha..tadahal r..sbb tu dr sem lps lg dh trun gym sume dak2 gamelan..spe r tuan putera bertuah utk tuan puteri nie kan??heee~~~

  5. crystal: u've seen urself the real wedding.. only u can judge how grand it was

    rudy: tuan puteri still dlm process mencari tuan putera~~