Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My sis' wedding: Part 3 (Majlis Akad Nikah)

It has been a while since part 2. Let's resume the story.

At 3 pm sharp on 18th of July 2009, my sister; Puteri Nur Esteena is officially a wife to Mr Haritzal. In the most serene ceremony, i could see the joy & happiness in each of my family members' eyes. After so much that we've gone through, it was the moment that we deserved to enjoy & celebrate~

nervously waiting bride...

the view in front of the dais

The moment....

let the rings be the witness~

Hantaran (Purple from the groom, Pink from the bride)

Our 1st new family picture..

With the same bouquet~

Wishing u both a great life ahead & hope u live happily ever after~

Lots of luv,

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