Saturday, August 22, 2009

My sis' wedding: Part 4 (Majlis Bersanding)

I just realize that most of my posts recently contained more pictures than words. Is that a sign for me to get myself a camera? Should I put it at the top of my wish-list? Not that i am good with camera. Posing? Much better. You can see yourself~ LOL.

Enough. Let's get back on track. I am sharing with you guys the photos from the reception held at my home sweet home.. To all who came, thank you so much. I am sorry for not being able to entertain you guys much @ not being a good host.

During cake-cutting ceremony

Our family...

With groom's family

Some poses @ daddy's wakaf ( x payah pegi garden.. haha)

When the cuzzies gone crazy!

Along & one of her best friends..
(Purposely chose this picture because the baby is SO ADORABLE!)

A quick shot with Nono & Mela (cdt to Paan)

Thank once again to Mela, Nono, T-ah, Bib, Shak, Paan, Ja'a, Sepul, Ain & her fren (sorry, lupe name), Lan, Awerz, Mokchique, Hafiz, Crystal & Chris for coming... I hope i didn't miss any other names~~

Looks like i am posting more than the bride herself...Doesn't matter~ I want to share our family's big days with everybody!!!

Lots of luv,

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