Saturday, March 28, 2009



Early at dawn,
The big red ball is waking up,
Doing the world a favour;
By showing its face to the earth;
Showering lights upon living.

Lying under a big tree,
Looking at the webs of branches,
Figuring out the arts of creation,
Discovering the life of the future.

Among leaves up ahead,
A little one is crawling,
Moving bit by bit, slow but steady,
Following the veins as its path.

Get together, continue growing,
Keep holding on,
Till the end of the leaf,
Before falling onto ground;
Leaving nothing, invisible.

Till that moment;
Always sparkle,
Always chill,
Always be how it was meant to be.

Though its only in a blink of an eye;
Its not a tiny sacrifice,
Because making the world beautiful;
Is a gift, its incomparable~

Lots of luv,

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