Friday, March 6, 2009


This post is dedicated to my late uncle, Pak Su (Datuk Ir Muha Bin Pandak Ahmad) whom passed away at age 49 early this morning (7 March 2009).He left his wife with 6 kids and 1 granddaughter.He already suffered from so many operations due to infection at his spine kidney's complication.

To Paksu,
Though we seldom met lately, your words and memories with you will always stay in my mind.

To Maksu & my dearest cousins,
Be Strong. Allah loves him more. We will always support you by your side.

May Allah bless his soul and he will rest in peace. Al-Fatihah

Lots of luv,


  1. al fatihah. did my a levels with dato' muha in southampton back in 1979-81. may Allah reward him with Jannah. -yb isk