Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A highschool Friend~

A highschool friend

From junior high to senior year;
Fate has brought us together,
Getting closer through a camera;
On a trip which i will always remember.

It is my luck to meet a friend;
Whom never once complain,
If you dont answer the phone,
Though twenty calls missed.

It is a gratitude to have the one;
Whom never once criticized,
If you act somewhat differently,
Though others think you are crazy.

This kind of friend;
Are really hard to come by,
At the smallest possibility; very rare,
This is a true friend you can never compare.

P/s: To Lan, Happy Birthday!! (10/3)

Lots of luv,


  1. epi besdei kat paklan gak!
    but, did i miss something here?

    dan ko ade link ke blog aku. tak tau itu.haha.

  2. aku dh jelajah seluruh blog ko dh~

    ko x miss pape la...
    or maybe u miss me?? :p

  3. Aku dah siap hantar sms kat paklan wish birthday dia.

    Rupanya dia kat Australia. Cis

  4. Hahahahah~
    ko tggu je la die blk nk reply msg ko tuh~