Wednesday, March 18, 2009

when the boys are over flowers~~

Im now officially in LOVE with this korean drama called 'Boys Over Flowers' It has 25 episodes (but i've only watched 18).Seriously, each episode i watched, i couldn't make my eyes move away from my lappy.

Three main reasons why i like this drama:

1) This drama can makes me laugh, cry, nervous all at once in most of their episodes.
2) The location of each set is soooo fascinating especially the set at New Caledonia. It is very breathtaking and i reaally2 wish i could go there someday..
3) Their main actors (the F4 to be exact) are damn Handsome!! ngeh3x ;p

Wanna see how complex the relation of the people in this story??

Huhu, well, i can't wait for the next episode to come!!

Lots of luv,


  1. hahahh...same goes for me...i love watching this drama...especially with kim hyung joong in it...sweet!

  2. jup2.. korg tgok mane? donlod? tv? or utube?
    nk tgok gakk`~~~

  3. donlod torrent je. Tp lembab sket r.
    Kalo x silap kt tv pn ade, astro channel 303, kol 8 mlm kot ( x sure sgt ari die)